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Serving Clients in the Five Boroughs and New Jersey

Across Brooklyn and every borough, our attorneys care for thousands of families in all matters of Elder Law and Estate Planning.

We go beyond the run-of-the-mill approach. We maximize our client’s access to us. As a result, we get to know our clients and can offer them legal guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Elder Law

Focusing on the needs of families and individuals as they age is an important aspect of estate and long-term care planning. With advances in age come advances in health problems. Along with health challenges, we face special legal challenges that need addressing. The body of law addressing these challenges is commonly known as “Elder Law.”
Learn more about planning for Long-Term Care.

Estate Planning

There are myriad legal strategies you might consider implementing as you design your estate plan. Regardless, there are a handful of “must have” estate planning documents you must create before anything else.
Learn more about the “must have” Estate Planning documents.

Trust & Estate Administration

There can be terrific grief and pain at the loss of a loved one. Beyond grief and pain, when you add external stresses to the equation, you can have a disaster on your hands in very short order.Part of the responsibilities or duties of an executor or administrator of an estate can be to reduce the level of stress during the probate process.
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In some - but by no means all - cases, persons with special needs may not be able to properly manage their own affairs. They may also not have the capacity to appoint a substitute decision maker.
Learn more about Guardianship.

Trust & Estate Litigation

The law firm of Grimaldi & Yeung LLP offers estate litigation clients the benefit of years of experience in estate matters, including estate administration.
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Business Succession Planning

If you are starting to think about retirement, then it is also time to think about business succession. You can try to tackle this on your own, but your best bet is enlisting the assistance of an experienced business succession attorney. He or she will have the background and skills to help you plan for the future, putting you and your business in the best position for a profitable and smooth transition when that time comes.
Find out how we can help you preserve your family business.

Understanding Government Benefits

Taking full advantage of all available government benefit programs can be essential to ensuring suitable living situations and quality health care for anyone, and especially for those living with a disability. In fact, some services require participants in their programs to be specifically eligible for coverage from government benefits such as Medicaid. Grimaldi & Yeung LLP specializes in identifying eligibility, applying for and obtaining benefits.
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